Meet Floris – "Drupal Europe has become something special"

Floris van Geel is one on the core organisers of DrupalEurope 2018. I asked him a couple of questions. He's the first of the "People behind Drupal" series we do on drupal-blog.ch.

"People behind Drupal" is an interview series we run on drupal-blog.ch. The concept is simple: We want to show the humans that make Drupal possible. We hope, we can bring the community closer together, one interview at the time.

Who are you? What is your background?

Floris: My name is Floris van Geel, Drupal Entrepreneur since 2010. Specialized in breaking down business models and optimizing them in the internet.

Got really excited in the community after my first DrupalCon Copenhagen in 2010

Besides Drupal my unprofessional hobbies are Scuba Diving, (Wind) Surfing and Snowboarding. We organised http://drupalsurfcamp.com/ before Drupal Dev Days Lisbon and https://drupal.surf will happen before BADcamp California in Santa Cruz.

What is your job at Drupal Europe?

Floris: Getting things done: facilitating volunteers and aligning processes.
I am accountable for the program, digital signage, website and some social events.

What is/was the biggest challenge organising Drupal Europe?

Floris: Working with volunteers, encouraging and activating processes, keeping momentum in the progress as well as people happy.

What are you looking for most at Drupal Europe?

Floris: Drupal Europe has become something special, we introduced verticals for industry topics so with one ticket you have access to 10 different conferences all about Open Source Drupal and technology exchange. You can read more on this in our blog posts.

What should an attendee not miss, when going to Drupal Europe?

Floris: That’s is a difficult question, with 186 sessions and a lot of BoF’s it will be hard to choose the best combination of sessions, personally i’m really looking forward to the panel Future of the open web and open source as well as Linked Data & the Decentralised Web: Is this the Future? Another great event at Drupal Europe is the Open Web Lounge where different Open Source meets and exchanges knowledge. There is also space for fun activities for example in the https://drupal.surf lounge, you can find it in the atrium at Drupal Europe.


  • Number of sessions:  186

  • Number of tickets sold so far: ~1000 attendees

  • Number of core members of the organizing committee: 10

  • Number of volunteers: 30+

Floris van Geels Drupal Profile: https://www.drupal.org/u/idevit

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