How to install Drupal Content Planner

In-depth explanation on how to install and configure Drupal Content Planner module.


This tutorial is a in-depth explanation on how to install and configure Drupal Content Planner module. You can find more information on https://www.drupal.org/project/content_planner. If you want to learn, what the Drupal Content Planner module is good for, check the introduction video on YouTube.


In order to use the Drupal Content Planner, your system need to meet the following requirements:

  • Drupal 8.5 or higher
  • Content Moderation module (already in Drupal Core)
  • Scheduler module

We recommend to use Drupal Thunder Distribution.



Get the source code

For composer based projects, use

composer require drupal/content_planner

Enable content planner module

Enable the following modules

  • Content Planner

There are 2 submodules Content Calendar and Content Kanban which are installed automatically.


Configuration of Content Calendar

Configure your Content Types for Content Calendar

Every Content Type you wish to be displayed on the Content Calendar has to be configured in conjunction with the Scheduler module.

For this go into the desired Content Type and set the following options:

  • Option "Enable scheduler publishing for this content type"
  • Option "Change content creation time to match the scheduled publish time"
  • Option "Require scheduled publishing"

It is recommended to check the option "Publish the content immediately after saving" for dates in the past, but that is up to you.

Configuration of Content Type for Scheduler

Content Planner Settings: Enable Content Types for display

Go to /admin/content-calendar/settings and select every Content Type you wish to display in the Conten Calendar.

Configure Content Type to be used in Content Planner

Once added to the Content Calendar, you may configure the Content Type to have a different label and color.

Content Type configuration for Content Calendar

Content Types in Content Calendar

Once you are done with the Content Calendar settings and added some content, you can click on the Calendar tab and you will jump directly to the current's month and it will display every piece of content connected to the Content calendar.

Content Calendar with example content.

Configuration of Content Kanban

Configure your workflow

Go to /admin/config/workflow and enable the default workflow or build your custom.

Note: Only one workflow can be used by Content Planner.

Choose the default Workflow or configure your own custom workflow

Click on "Edit" and select the content types which need to be handled by the Workflow and therefor can be display on Content Kanban.

Choose the Content Types within the Workflow

Select the Content Types which shall be dispalyed on Content Kanban page

Content Types in Content Kanban

Once one or more Content Types are configured for Content Kanban, they will be displayed on /admin/content-kanban.

Content Type being displayed in Content Kanban


Configuration of Dashboard

The Content Planner comes with an integrated plugin system of Dashboard Widgets to be used for quick access of items and display of various information.

The following widgets come with Content Planner and its submodules:

  • Content State Statistic: A nice statistic of content states
  • Custom HTML Widget
  • Recent Calendar Publications Widget
  • Recent Kanban Activities
  • User Widget: A list of users using the Content Planner
  • Views Widget: To embed views

Additional custom widgets can be added using plugins. This will be described in a separate blog post.

Dashboard Widgets in Content Planner

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